Voice-picking vs. Traditional Barcoding.


As their business environment continues to change, many supply chain managers can find themselves asking: “Should I stick with traditional barcoding processes, or switch to a newer, more efficient, voice-picking solution?” While a vast majority of businesses rely on traditional mobile barcode scanning to get the job done, your order picking and other asset handling tasks can reach new capabilities with voice picking. Compared to traditional barcoding, voice-picking systems improve...

  • Productivity - Voice picking saves an average of 2-3 seconds per pick compared to traditional barcoding and improves productivity by 20%. Voice-picking systems shorten the time needed to pick an order by providing step-by-step information to warehouse workers over a headset.
  • Accuracy - Shorten the time needed to pick orders with step-by-step information to warehouse workers over a headset. Most distribution centers see greater than 99% accuracy rates with voice technology. 
  • Training - Voice technologies reduce training time by 50% because new voice picking users can be trained in a few hours and hit performance goals in a week

Streamline your order picking with superior voice technology.

Voice automation can bring higher levels of productivity and accuracy than traditional barcoding methods. That’s why SMG3 and Honeywell partner to empower your warehouse with reliable voice-picking technology. Warehouses and distribution centers experience these benefits when switching from traditional barcoding to voice-picking technologies:

  • Increased picking productivity with hands free operation - Voice users don’t have to handle a scanner when trying to move around items, so they can grab, lift, and move items more efficiently, which saves time in every pick and move. Additionally, pickers are even faster and more efficient on their initial attempts than previous barcode systems.
  • Improved accuracy and safety - Implementing voice technology empowers your workers to stay more focused on the work they are doing. With traditional barcoding, workers have to look away from a pick location to look down at their terminal screens, and that can cause them to pick the wrong item. 
  • Streamlined ease-of-use and training - When you choose to train your worker with verbal instruction, it can reduce training times to reach optimal performance faster.
  • Higher levels of customer and worker satisfaction - Workers can experience a significant boost in accuracy, productivity, and safety when switching from traditional barcoding solutions to voice-picking. When your warehouse workflows are smooth, this ensures customers get orders on time. 

Streamline your order picking process when you choose voice-picking technology over previous solutions. Contact us to get a free assessment on warehouse automation solutions.