Should Your Storefront Offer Same-Day Returns? Yes, and Here’s How


The order fulfillment industry faces new challenges everyday. It can be difficult to keep up with increasing customer shipping demands with your current solutions. Whether your operation is small or big, it’s important to figure out how to get faster shipments, because customers want orders as quickly as possible. In fact, 75% of consumers desire same-day shipping, yet only 50% of retailers are offering it. Additionally, ecommerce sales have climbed 39% in 2021, and nearly $1 in every $5 spent on retail purchases came from digital orders. As we approach the holiday season, retailers expect an even higher surge in online shopping with most customers searching for same-day delivery as the holidays near. Furthermore, labor shortages across industries are causing many warehouses to be understaffed, which will make it even harder to keep up with fast shipping demands. See how your business can benefit from same-day delivery to redefine your operations:

  • Better customer satisfaction - Same-day delivery is a big convenience for customers who may not be able to wait for their order. Being able to deliver orders or pick up returns the same day will make customers happier, more likely to make repeat purchases, and more willing to recommend your business to others. 
  • Increase efficiency - Improving efficiency results in higher profits and a better brand reputation. Same-day delivery’s fast shipment movement allows companies to transport products from one location to another, freeing up storage room for more incoming orders. Having this ability keeps daily activities running smoothly and sets your business apart from its competition. 
  • Attain lower shipping costs - It can take up to $20 per package in return shipping costs. To eliminate extraneous costs, same-day delivery systems built with expanded operational visibility simplify on-the-go order verification, ultimately lowering shipping costs. 

Ensure consistent retail functions with secured connectivity

To integrate competitive same-day shipping, businesses need solutions that empower a smaller workforce to process a higher order volume without additional strain or error. Expanding visibility in today’s modern operations, RFID technology and wireless connectivity have worked together in facilitating same-day delivery by providing:

  • Reliable wireless connectivity - Provide your business with smooth day-to-day network and mobile strategy operations with SMG3’s WiFi Guys. Help your business and shipments run smoother with Visibility Through Mobility that supports the execution of your mobile strategy. Streamline analysis and design of your work environment to create increased network connectivity and device performance for smoother operations and ultimately faster deliveries. 
  • Enterprise scanners - Enterprise-ready barcode scanners empower your workers with the ability to capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition with blazing speed, all while boosting productivity for workers in any environment. 
  • RFID tracking - Give your organization the power of a visible value chain solution with future-forwards RFID and RTLS technologies that illuminate the daily events involving your assets, people, and actions. Your shipments will be faster because you’ll know in real time the location, condition, timing, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring throughout your operations so you can make the necessary adjustments. 

Offering same-day returns shouldn’t be impossible for your business. Empower faster deliveries with reliable wireless connectivity, fast mobile devices, and powerful RFID technologies with SMG3. Contact us today to start achieving same-day deliveries in your operation.