Four Warehousing Technologies Every DC Should be Using

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Today’s distribution centers are in a pressure cooker of increasing demands and supply chain disruptions. Not only have consumer eCommerce demands exploded in the wake of COVID-19, but labor challenges and increasing costs have exacerbated difficulties in an already-strained industry. With eCommerce anticipated to continue to grow to 6.3 trillion by 2024, there’s no end in sight.

Warehouse and DC operations hoping to build supply chain resiliency and stay ahead of consumer demands must be prepared to implement technologies and support that promote productivity and flexibility. To help simplify your options, we’ve compiled a short list of easy-to-upgrade technology solutions to get you started on a path to productivity.

What can integrated technology provide to ease supply chain pressures?

  • Improve supply chain visibility
    Simple upgrades to your DC’s mobile technology means reduced errors, much more accurate inventory reporting, and real-time access to order tracking and delivery information. The result? An improved customer experience and higher rate of repeat customers to boost your bottom line.

  • Optimize workflows
    Upgrading technologies and ensuring those upgrades are fully integrated into existing systems means significant process improvements. From picking and packing accuracy, to improving inventory management, and making better use of your workforce, today’s mobile tech solutions are a key component in improving productivity.

  • Build operational resiliency
    Expanding your business continuity is critical to managing risk and potential supply chain disruptions. By implementing purpose-built technology solutions, you can stay one step ahead of inventory challenges, empower your workers with the right tools, and maximize efficiency in areas that make up for unforeseen challenges.

So, what technology solutions should I implement to see a quick return on my investment?

  1. Cutting edge mobility: mobile computers, scanners & printers
    Aging and underperforming hardware can cause unnecessary downtime, inaccurate or lost data, and often means lack of updates or service to legacy devices. Ensuring your mobile technology solutions are up-to-date and receiving regular updates and service is integral to keeping your processes moving smoothly, and productivity maximized.

  2. Voice-Directed picking solutions
    Voice-directed solutions facilitate hands-free workflows, allowing your workers to navigate more efficiently. Voice picking can reduce error rates to virtually zero, and increase overall productivity by more than 30%. From picking and packing to cycle counts and inventory, your teams can move more seamlessly with voice, speaking verbal confirmations into directional microphones that convert the complex interactions into actionable data.

    Check out this video for a deeper dive into how voice picking works!

  3. Optimized Wireless Networks
    Unreliable connectivity is one of the leading causes of downtime in warehouse environments. Wi-Fi signals can easily become interrupted or dropped as a result of environmental disruptions, inadequate access points, or outdated equipment, bringing productivity to a halt. Working with an industry-leading expert in network management like SMG3’s WiFi Guys helps ensure your network is optimized to its full potential.

  4. Professional Services & Integration from SMG3
    Though it used to be cost-effective to purchase mobile devices, scanners and other technologies online, today’s distribution operations and WMS systems have become more complex. Without professional support from an experienced team of certified engineers, technologies may fail to be setup correctly and can cause delays that increase your costs.

    From site surveys, to design, install and full lifecycle support, having a professional services team like SMG3 at-the-ready is crucial to running a successful mobility program. By safeguarding your business with the latest in technology and integration, you can avoid the costly consequences of outdated or manual processes and keep up with customer demands. Click here to learn more!