Voice picking gives warehouses a better competitive advantage. Here’s how:


Customer demands are rising as a result of the e-commerce surge. Your warehouse must find an order picking system that is equipped to adapt to these rising customer demands. If your warehouse does not meet consumer demands, your business could suffer a drop in productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. One of the most popular ways to meet these increasing demands is by implementing voice automation technologies into your warehouse. Voice technologies can reduce labor costs, increase operational efficiency, increase workplace safety, and give you the ability to address labor availability concerns in real-time. Unlike traditional barcode picking, voice-based picking systems offer an adaptable and scalable solution to meet growing demands without compromising speed and accuracy. Over 80% of warehouses in the U.S and Europe have taken a step beyond traditional barcode scanning by implementing voice direction technologies. When operations upgrade their inventory picking systems from a manual process to a more integrated form of order processing like voice automation, results include a 25% boost in overall productivity, a 10-20% increase in space use, and a 15-30% more efficient use of stock. Additionally, voice picking technologies reduce picking errors by 67% compared to traditional methods. 

Equip your warehouse with enhanced accuracy with SMG3 and Honeywell. 

Voice automation can make your inventory more efficient and faster to build an accurate warehouse that is prepared for consumer demands. That’s why SMG3 and Honeywell partner to empower your warehouse with reliable voice-picking technology solutions that enable the following benefits in addition to increased speed and accuracy: 

  1. Reduce errors with hands-free scanning - Equipping your workers with voice technology enables your workers to grab, lift, and move items more efficiently. This saves time in every pick and speeds up the picking process. Voice picking saves an average of 2-3 seconds per pick compared to traditional picking systems, so your inventory is faster and more accurate. Voice picking also therefore eliminates the need for manual data entry and the risks of manual errors. Through our tech support teams, data is shared through a digitized platform to empower higher visibility.
  2. Integrate faster and more reliable productivity - Choosing to train your workers with verbal instructions speeds up the amount of time required for them to get settled into their roles. Since voice automation is faster and more accurate than other solutions, it will make your workflows more productive and efficient once they are settled. Therefore, training and using voice-picking technology creates a faster and more efficient flow of productivity in your warehouse.
  3. Gain greater insight into inventory location and cycle counts - This allows employees to easily prevent out-of-stocks and check on inventory levels. When your workers can locate and eliminate inventory stock problems, it helps them prepare for customer demands. This protects your bottom line from product shrinkage and backorders. 

Selecting a good picking system can enhance inventory accuracy so your business is well-prepared for customer demands. Contact us to get a free assessment on your picking solutions.