How to accelerate reverse logistics for eventual Christmas returns.


No matter how much heart is put towards buying gifts, warehouses consistently expect a spike in returns following each year’s gift-giving season. Businesses face soaring customer demands to provide fast and free return despite increased shipping and handling costs. Therefore, they need to be equipped with the right solutions to help them conquer holiday returns. Studies show that  61% of businesses expect this year’s return rates to be even higher than last year, and it will cost retailers 7% more this year. Returns may rise as high as 40% for some retailers. Additionally, some retailers are going to be hit harder than others since e-commerce return rates are more than double that of purchases made in-store. Luckily, with proper technology, businesses can effectively simplify reverse logistics to effectively manage spikes in returns. Implementing technology into your distribution center or warehouse can accelerate logistics, inventory management, manufacturing, to transform the return process with the following advantages:

  • Free and/or fast returns demonstrates a higher responsiveness to customers, improving brand loyalty.
  • Faster inventory movement reduces costs as products are less likely to remain idle and take up valuable space.
  • Visibility technologies such as automated data capture can update inventory tracking reports in real-time.
  • Productivity can be increased by 20% with rugged yet user-friendly technologies that prioritize ease of use and durability.

Accelerate your return process with advanced voice technology.

To meet the elevated return demands this year, and in the future, SMG3 and Honeywell partner to empower your warehouse with reliable voice automation solutions. Voice technology simplifies inventory management to become faster and more efficient. When you implement voice automation into your distribution center or warehouse, you experience these benefits: 

  1. Boosted customer satisfaction due to an easy-to-follow returns process. An easy-to-follow returns process prioritizes the customer’s time, meaning that he/she is more likely to come back. On the other hand, 89% of customers who have a bad online return experience say they won’t buy again from a retailer online, and 97% of them say that if they have a good returns experience, they’re happy to come back and buy again. Workers using voice automated solutions can quickly process returned items without compromising accuracy, providing customers with quicker service and rebates when possible. 

  2. Simplified durability that minimizes repair costs. A purpose-built design helps improve the return process by ensuring your devices stay operational when your warehouse is busy. Devices that fail can slow down productivity and hurt the ability of your workers to succeed in their operations. Our experienced optimization teams can help match your workforce with durable technologies that meet their learning abilities and adapt to demands. 

  3. Streamline picking and cycle counting operations with flexible software and enhanced connectivity. Flexible software enables your workers to adapt to demands during the busy returns season now and in the future. Furthermore, higher connectivity helps your workers stay connected to maintain workforce communication. When working together, enhanced software and connectivity empowers your team with the help they need to tackle customer demands.  

Prepare your business for rising holiday return rates. Contact us today to get a free assessment of your return process.