Businesses that have best implemented mobile strategy have experienced increased worker productivity, streamlined operations, and produced more product. Naturally, this has increased the profitability of enterprises who have adopted a successful mobile plan. Unfortunately, not all businesses that could be reaping the benefits of enterprise mobility are utilizing it yet.

When a business decides to adopt a mobile enterprise strategy, their first question is how to create an end-to-end plan that is successful and profitable. The answer is finding the right mobile solutions provider. When you work with the right team of industry experts, you’re more likely to have a seamless deployment.

Choose the right hardware. Capabilities differ across devices, so you need to find the mobile device that is appropriate for what your needs, goals, and environment are. The best way to go about this is to work with industry experts who know the devices well and get their opinion on what will work best for your enterprise.

Obtain employee support. Once you pick out the right hardware, you need to understand worker capabilities and interaction with the software in a day to day setting. The best way to get your employees to buy into the devices and software you want to use is to have them test it. We offer demos that allow your team to familiarize themselves with the devices and how they can help boost productivity.

Create a work plan and project time frame. Give yourself a deadline for deploying your mobile strategy and communicate that to the team that you choose to work with. The right solutions provider will help you build your strategy and implement it within the time frame that is needed. Having clear plans and goals will help the mobile solutions company you work with provide the best deployment.

Determine your breadth and work environment. Answer these questions: How many devices do you need? At how many locations? Where will your devices be used? Will they be used in a retail setting? A warehouse? This is important to determining your needs for both your devices and wireless network, and your solutions provider will make recommendations for your network accordingly.

Prepare your network and applications. At SMG3, we have RF technicians and engineers that will not only set up your network but make recommendations for optimal connectivity and speed. They factor in environmental factors and obstacles that can cause wireless lag time and dead zones. If you’re building a new facility, they will perform a site survey and design your network from the ground up. They’ll also get you operating under cellular and wireless connectivity as needed.

Ensure understanding of security protocol and mobile device management. Whether you implement BYOD or in-house deployment, these mobile devices will be used to access sensitive company information and conduct day to day operations. In order to ensure that your mobile enterprise strategy is successful, there needs to be a set security protocol and mobile device management system. Your solutions provider will recommend the right system. We work closely with SOTI, for example.

Deploy devices that are ready-to-use out of the box. The most convenient way to seamlessly deploy mobile devices is to receive them ready-to-use. At SMG3, we order the hardware for you. Once it comes in, we configure each device and brand it based upon software, applications, and wireless settings we have pre-determined for you. From there, we ship out your configured devices. Upon receiving it, you can take it out of the box, turn it on, and start using it. It doesn’t get much easier.

Figure out a support infrastructure. After deployment, how will you maintain your mobile strategy? How will you monitor your devices, keep track of orders and upgrades, and track results? One option is to keep it in-house with your IT team, but if your solutions provider has a support portal and tech support team, then you could outsource that part of your strategy. At SMG3, we have a mobile device lifecycle management portal called the EDGE that offers everything needed to manage your mobile enterprise strategy. From online ordering and tracking to spare pool management to custom reporting and dashboards, the EDGE is the ongoing support system any enterprise would need to manage their mobile devices successfully.

Follow these eight steps with the right team of experts, and watch your mobile enterprise strategy come to life and get results. Click here to start shopping for your new mobile devices. You can also learn more about our EDGE mobile device lifecycle management portal here.