Accurate Order Verification doesn’t depend solely on RFID. Here are your other options:


In this new era of fast-moving consumer demands and consumer goods, it’s important to ensure your business not only is fast enough to keep up but also has the capabilities to adapt to changes to become increasingly faster. Many businesses have turned to RFID as a solution to consistently meet those requirements. RFID systems can provide businesses with real-time visibility of products, accurate information on which machines need maintenance, and the amount of time needed for production to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process. RFID identification is more efficient at cycle counting and can increase inventory accuracy across the supply chain up to 99.9%. 

While there’s no denying the vast benefits of RFID, there are some deterring challenges that businesses face when deciding on RFID systems, these issues include:

  • High costs - While RFID readers can redefine your entire organization, this comes at a price. Implementation costs of RFID tags can be higher than barcodes, as RFID readers are sometimes 10 times more expensive than barcode readers. This is almost impossible to overcome if your business has a strict budget. 
  • Longer piloting - When it comes to implementing RFID technology, launching a pilot program helps retailers effectively measure the benefits of RFID before launching full deployment. A program like this takes longer for businesses to assess inventory visibility needs, goals, tagging requirements, strategy, and monitoring.
  • Incompatibility with certain applications like metals and liquids. This can heavily impact the signal and performance across your supply chain. There are also incompatible standards across tag types and industries. 

RFID might not be right for you at the moment, but that doesn’t mean modernized tracking is off-limits. 

If your business is facing these issues and cannot choose RFID systems, there are alternative tracking solutions that will help your warehouse keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands, such as...

  • Wireless Bluetooth technology combined with outstanding reliability and reading performance. The right Bluetooth scanner reads barcodes up to 11.5 meters to provide your warehouse with excellent readability. Reliable reading performance helps your business increase accuracy on product information by streamlining your warehouse inventory. 
  • Automated data capture - Manually inputting data wastes time and money for your business. This is because manual data entry ties employees down when they could be focusing on more important tasks. SMG3’s data capture solutions streamline documentation and allow for the automation of multiple processes. This improves reliability and efficiency in your warehouse operations by converting information more efficiently. 
  • Wireless connectivity empowers all these solutions by maintaining an efficient communication solution across your supply chain. Efficient communication helps create smoother information flows so your warehouse is up-to-date on critical delivery, manufacturing, and shipping information. SMG3’s WiFi Guys keeps your workforce connected and productive with expert assistance to solve wireless connectivity issues, disturbances, and signal drops. 

EDGE accomplishes this by helping you deploy these solutions, scale them to accommodate your future changes, and providing unshakeable support and service throughout the life cycle of your mobility structure.

There are more cost-effective ways to help your warehouse adapt to customer demands other than RFID. Explore alternative tracking solutions that still modernize workflows without stalling productivity or breaking the budget. Contact us at SMG3 to get a free assessment on developing an accurate order system.