3 Sophisticated ways to directed workflows in the warehouse


Today’s warehouses have to meet increasing customers demands with precise accuracy and faster speeds as a result of the rise of e-commerce surge and changing labor turnover rates.  In fact, there has been a 20% over year increase in the total number of packages shipping in the US. Currently, an estimated 165 billion packages are shipped in the United States each year, but that number could grow to 285 billion this year. Therefore, your business needs solutions that can not only keep up with the current demands, but also adapt to meet higher ones in the future. 2-way radios are supposed to connect workers so they can navigate around the warehouse with ease, however these radios lack the capabilities to adapt to rising demands and do not have the highest ranges or most powerful batteries, leaving workers disconnected during longer shifts or in certain parts of the distribution center. 

While 2-way radios can successfully connect workers to vital information, several new digitized solutions are now also available and can be streamlined within your current mobility solution to eliminate the need for bulky devices. Here are some other alternatives. 

    1. Voice Automation Solutions - The most interesting and sophisticated improvement to warehouse connections, Voice Automation Solutions have been shown to generate 30% faster picking rates, maximized worker safety, increased device ergonomics, faster employee onboarding with minimal training, and real-time pick routing delivered to your mobile device, adaptable to your WMS for minimal backend modifications. For example, Honeywell Voice Software adapts to your workforce whether it be through a preferred language or through easy-to-use wearable devices to simplify and accelerate order picking without compromising your speed and accuracy as orders are read aloud through a headset.
    2. Automated data capture - Your warehouse is wasting time and money that could be spent on other things by manually inputting data. This is because manual data solutions tie employees down when they should be focusing on more important tasks. SMG3’s data capture solutions streamline documentation and allow for the automation of multiple processes. SMG3 improves reliability and efficiency in your warehouse operations by converting information more efficiently and providing more visibility. 

    3. Integrated push-to-talk and wireless connectivity - Efficient communication helps create smoother data flows so your warehouse gets real-time updates on critical delivery, manufacturing, and shipping information. Keep your workforce connected and productive with expert assistance from SMG3’s WiFi Guys to integrate wireless connectivity and push-to-talk capabilities by fixing wireless connectivity issues, disturbances, and signal drops. 

2-way radios aren’t equipped to adapt to rising customer demands. Help your warehouse prepare for the future by choosing voice automation solutions and other alternatives with SMG3.  Contact us to get a free assessment on how your business is currently meeting demands.