Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Presents the Zebra TC57 Touch Computer

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The Zebra TC57 delivers the ultimate in rugged enterprise-class all touch computing. Its industry-leading platform and capabilities help maximize productivity, improve staff enablement, and optimize customer service. The TC57 is designed with several notable features including:

  • Five-inch touchscreen display that can be easily read in direct sunlight
  • First-time every-time capture of barcodes, labels, and documents
  • Power-saving, faster, and more reliable Wi-Fi connections
  • The simplicity and familiarity of Android

The TC57 provides your staff with all the tools they need to increase efficiency in the workplace. The PowerPrecision+ high capacity battery contains 14 hours of battery life to make it through entire shifts without needing to be recharged.

To learn more about the TC57:

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