Protecting the last mile with wireless connectivity made for enterprise


Transportation and logistics companies face many challenges when trying to meet customer demands and make faster deliveries. One of the most challenging and overlooked processes that can improve deliveries is maintaining effective connectivity in the last mile. Warehouses have to secure dependable wireless connectivity to connect to remote drivers. This is especially important in the last mile since drivers are the farthest away from help. In the event of any order or routing changes, the last mile is the last opportunity for companies to reach drivers. Despite its crucial importance, 59% of third-party logistics companies in the US believe that last-mile delivery is the most inefficient process in their supply chain. Last-mile delivery is also important because it makes up 53% of total transportation costs. 

Improper wireless connectivity affects order delivery as warehouses are unable to communicate and proactively pass on information to delivery teams, thus enabling delays and hindering brand image. Moreover, slow WiFi makes it harder to efficiently complete tasks, which can make employees frustrated and result in morale issues and productivity issues in the workplace. Lastly, if wireless connections impact productivity within the four walls, it will certainly bolster expenses and headaches in the last mile as drivers are unable to communicate with warehouse teams. 

To prevent communication breakdowns and delays within the supply chain, a robust wireless service must be in place. SMG3’s WiFi Guys help your business operate with Visibility Through Mobility to support your network even in the last mile. Streamline analysis and design of your work environment to create increased network connectivity and device performance across your supply chain with a service dedicated to…

Efficient network management and connectivity - SMG3’s WiFi Guys provide your business with smooth day-to-day network connectivity and optimal device performance. Keep your workforce connected with these onsite services:
    • Site Survey
    • Installation
    • Wireless Analysis
    • Optimization
    • Commission
Predictive wireless site surveying - By creating an informed plan early on in your project, you provide your business with a good foundation for its wireless network design and ensure peak performance. As the industry leader in Predictive Wireless Site Surveys, the SMG3 WiFi guys focus on key attributes including network range and which signal levels are needed to best service your intended devices and software. By implementing this plan, you decrease the risk of last mile security breaches and connection issues. 

Eliminate the issues of the last mile with simplified wireless connectivity. 

  1. Contact the WiFi Guys team to assess needs.
  2. Run a workplace survey either physical or virtual to pinpoint optimization areas.
  3. Receive a full survey report with next steps, best practices, and recommendations.

Equipping your business with enterprise-class wireless connectivity services and solutions creates a safer and more efficient network. Choose the best network solution with SMG3, contact us today for a free assessment on your network connectivity solutions.