Warehouse Automation Market Projected to Double in Growth Rates by 2022

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Despite an impending revenue dip on the horizon due to trade friction between the US and China, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the warehousing automation markets forthcoming prosperity. Growing consumer demand for cheaper and more efficient online delivery options will drive long-term and sustained growth by 2020.According to U.K.-based research firm Interact analysis, the global economic situation makes it increasingly important to identity potential pain points, which can be accomplished with a modernized warehouse. “The Future of Warehouse Automation-2019” report anticipates double-digit growth in the warehouse automation market by 20+22. 

SMG3 recognizes the future impact of this blistering growth pace, which could reach a 12.6 percent increase in demand for marketing automation equipment. We have the necessary solutions for vendors, emphasizing service and market strategy to alleviate some of the pressures of order volumes that will occur.

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