How Smart TE Prepares the Modern Warehouse to Grow in an Accelerated Business Environment

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Being proactive in a reactive world, seamless modernization has become crucial to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing accelerated business environment. However, almost a third of warehouses struggle to integrate modernized systems in their operations. While there are many ways to start modernizing your workflows, integrating SmartTE in your mobile devices provides for a seamless and risk-free pathway to affordable modernization. 

Why Smart TE? 


Distanced teams can create siloed operations, but Smart TE helps keep your workforce connected through your network without sudden drops that halt productivity, all while providing your team with intuitive graphic applications on their modernized handhelds. This enables you to:

  • Lower training times for incoming employees - Today’s high labor turnover rates drain both time and money as new hires must be trained and familiarized with new technologies. Smart TE is able run your familiar TE apps on user-friendly mobile devices and operating systems like Android and iOS, reducing onboarding time so your new employees can get productive faster. 
  • Substitute manual data entry for touchscreen applications - Manual data entry can seem more secure than digitized reporting, but it is often tedious and time consuming. Studies conducted by the research firm IDC estimate errors alone can cost up to $426 per employee if not caught in time. Not only can modernized touchscreen apps minimize errors, they are relatively easier to clean compared to keyboards and other paper-based systems.  
  • Integrate dependable safety and speed without compromise - TE apps have always been preferable due to their high-speed performance and enterprise-ready security. As supply chains become more dynamic and prone to change, securing consistent quality can set your operations ahead of challenges. Smart TE accomplishes this by delivering all the expected benefits of terminal emulation on an optimized platform without architectural changes or recoding. That means that in a time of unprecedented change, you can count on beneficial familiarity and performance to meet demands while adapting your system to overcome future challenges.


These are just some of the ways screen modernization can help operations navigate through the challenges, remaining proactive in an accelerated business environment. For more in-depth solutions, contact our specialists and get a comprehensive evaluation of your workflow to see how you can start enhancing productivity in the new normal.