How to Handle Increasing Demands in Your Warehouse



The trend of investing in mobile devices to modernize your warehouse has become increasingly important due to increasing customer demands and the prevalence of e-commerce. These trends force warehouses to implement better technology that closes gaps between real-time information and workers. While it may seem disruptive at first, automation has proven incredibly helpful when dealing with increasing order volumes during a labor shortage crisis. By minimizing time spent performing cyclical tasks -such as labeling and packing- workers are able to focus on more important tasks with minimal errors for an overall positive customer experience. Although there are many ways to start optimizing order fulfillment workflows, experts suggest targeting partial worker automation. 

It has been shown that 73% of organizations plan to begin modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. That means if your business doesn’t start modernizing now, your distribution center could lose an edge on performance, which will ultimately lead to diminished customer satisfaction and lower sales. Additionally, 95% of organizations plan to implement Android-based mobile computers in the warehouse by 2024 to help improve worker productivity and implement higher warehouse productivity with: 

  • Quick adaptability to change - Adaptable technologies and software can accommodate increased labor turnover rates and sudden product demands through maximized ease of use and open app ecosystems. This minimizes disruptions to maximize productivity.
  • Secured operating systems - Without proper security patches and updates, outdated systems can slow down operations while excluding important applications from your devices if they aren’t proper security patches and updates. Additionally, Android’s OS maximizes security with automatic silent updates, government-grade encryption, and tiered authorization levels for your enterprise. 
  • Dependable connectivity - When changes happen, your whole supply chain is affected. End-to-end connectivity is key to keeping all departments updated in real-time in event of sudden changes such as demand surges, or emergencies like freight breakdowns. 

Prepare your warehouse for the future with adaptable mobility

Investing in the right mobile devices gives your warehouse modernized technology that it needs, but it’s difficult to find out where to start. Discover modernization solutions from SMG3 so you can integrate optimization solutions that:

  1. Enhance productivity with enterprise accessories with devices like that come with a full suite of business-class accessories to improve ease of use and management. Accessories like shared cradles and optional trigger handles allow you to expand your device’s functionality into different applications without requiring a whole new set of hardware. 
  2. Simplify device performance in your manufacturing plant with a committed support team of specialized technicians like SMG3’s EDGE team. SMG3 EDGE provides tech support, asset tracking, online procurement, return merchandize authorization, custom reporting, manufacturer information and invoice and order tracking. SMG3 EDGE helps you maintain your mobile strategy with secure mobile lifecycles.
  3. Empower superior performance with rugged designs so your employees can maximize productivity, even in the most stressful and demanding work environments. Consumer devices are not typically passed taxing durability tests, while enterprise-ready devices are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance despite drops, hundreds or thousands of tumbles, cold temperatures, heat, water, dust, rain and more. Rugged devices end up delivering higher performance for more years, so your workforce gains more uptime and achieves a lower total cost of ownership. 

SMG3 consults, designs, tracks, and executes enterprise solutions, while supporting your warehouse to ensure tailored solutions that seamlessly modernize your warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing, and transportation operations. Contact us today to explore the wide range of automation opportunities to be integrated into your workflows for maximized efficiency.