#AskTheCEO With Nancy Gorski!

Ask the CEO

Last week, Nancy Gorski, President and CEO of Strategic Mobility Group (parent company of SMG3Rx), spoke with Avrohom Gottheil on Enterprise Mobility in Healthcare. On this episode of “Ask The CEO”, Nancy dives deep into how Strategic Mobility Group and SMG3Rx are tackling issues facing the healthcare industry and how clinical mobility alleviates stress on hospitals.

The two discussed key information related to healthcare organizations, the current hardships facing the country, how implementing mobile technology can be overwhelming, and the challenges faced by those organizations.

"It will, definitely, assist them with their efficiencies, their life-saving failsafes, and it will increase overall patient care", says Gorski, when asked about the combating the challenges that healthcare facilities face in regards to embracing enterprise mobility.

As a thought leader in her field, Gorski is able to illustrate how crucial it is for organizations to adopt these methods and push the status quo in order to decrease medical errors and improve efficiency.

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